Unity Gain Manifesto
View our manifesto representing our community's culture and the message we are lead by to impact change for minorities in the audio industry.
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Audio sector to acknowledge glaring disparities in black inclusion at all levels, in America specifically and International generally.


Exclusion is first an economic issue that negatively impacts bottom lines, corporate culture and brand equity.


The empirical data is available, current and core to our mission. Studies include the Annenberg report, Otis report and our real life shared experiences.


The Black Dollar Index (BDI) will be our primary methodology to guide companies, rank them, institute accountability and to generate data based reporting.


We agree to identify, address and help to resolve corporate responses deemed symbolic, cosmetic, insubstantial and incremental to real change.


We will collaborate on a set of pathways for hiring, mentoring, education, aid, management, board and advisory silos.


Establish industry and/or company “safe” sectors where issues of race can be discussed, heard and resolved by receptive designees without fear of reprisal.


Engage and maintain an active list of member companies that subscribe too and abide by the Unity Gain manifesto best practices.


Engage and maintain an active list of member educational institutions that subscribe too and abide by the Unity Gain manifest best practices.


Unity Gain to issue semi-annual reports to member companies and the audio industry at large on compliance, state of the State and the future.