Carl Beatty
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Carl Beatty Unity Gain

I spent thirty years at Berklee College of Music in my forty-year career sequence of recording engineer, educator, and college vice president. The themes of facilitating success and removing obstacles are embedded in all of those positions. 


Beginning as an assistant engineer in a recording studio, moving to a Grammy winning engineer with a long discography, then college Professor training some of today’s top engineers and mixers, the transition to digital audio caused me to seek other ways to contribute beyond the classroom. 


That led to the role of Chief of Staff for the new president of the world’s largest college of contemporary music. I continued my ascent ten years later to the role of Vice President for Artist and Music industry Relations. Involved with many major institutional initiatives and foundational changes at Berklee in my time there, it was hugely informative, very exciting, and very satisfying. 


Still a recording engineer at heart, working fifteen years on the academic side of Berklee and then another fifteen years in executive leadership has given me a unique insight that far exceeds what’s on the page!